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You're Invited to Participate in the CBC Homebrew Competition

Beer is based on chemistry and biochemistry (you need live yeast!). In fact, much scientific and technological advancement stems from beer-brewing, from modern refrigeration to the study of the yeast genome. It makes sense then that our department makes its own contribution to the fermentation sciences. Presenting the Fourth Annual CBC Homebrew Competition!

We’re going to have a friendly battle of brews this year at the CBC Oktoberfest Family Picnic to be held at Reid Park at Ramada #22 on Friday, October 19, 2018. This homebrew competition will have three categories: Hoppy (IPAs and Pales), Malty (Stouts, Porters, Malt-forward styles), and AOB (All Other Brews: Hefes, Saisons, Lambics, or anything that doesn’t quite fit the other two). We’ll even have prizes for the category winners! Throw your name into the ring! Official beer sign-ups come later, but now is a good time to start planning.

New to Brew? Don’t Despair! Homebrewer? Lend a Hand!

We at CBC understand if you want to ferment but either don’t have the equipment or know-how. To fix this, we are looking for experienced brewers to work with you on designing a new batch or lending out big kettles, burners, etc. Beta Tau Chapter will even be organizing a brew-out day where we can get more than a few gallons going as a way to learn and share tips. We’re sending out a special invitation to the incoming first-year graduate students to join a homebrew team as an easy and enjoyable way to join the CBC@UA family. Come to the 2018 brew-out day over Labor Day Weekend, at Amy and Scott’s house – details to follow.

Another resource is found on the American Chemical Society website. If you are an ACS member, you may view their beer-brewing webinars at your convenience:

Sign-ups for for the Homebrew Competition will be open shortly. Sign up if you want to help others or would like some help. It’s an informal thing, but we’ll do our best to match masters with newbies and those in need with equipment. Consider it an open forum.

Details to consider when planning your homebrew for the Oktoberfest Homebrew Competition:

  • Two gallons is probably the minimum volume you will need to bring, based on last year's numbers.
  • Homebrew contestants may enter as many beers as they see fit and is reasonable.
  • You are responsible for bringing your homebrew beer ready to pour in whatever manner is suitable.

For more information, please contact Amy Graham.