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Summer 2019 Students of the Month

We have 2 Summer 2019 Students of the Month: John Huynh and Maddie Morrow!

This summer, John Huynh was the co-lead of the BlastOff! 2019 Summer Camp. With stepping into this role on short notice, John fulfilled all the tasks and responsibilities with enthusiasm and passion and went above and beyond in his position. Not only did he work hard during the camp session to provide the best for the camp participants, I know that he worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that everything would go smoothly each day. The children all looked up to John and absolutely loved him! He came every day prepared to teach, and left each day with ideas on how to improve the camp for the next day or for the next summer. Even the volunteers looked up to him, sharing the same passion that John radiated and putting that into their own efforts when working with the summer camp participants. Without him, I don't think BlastOff! 2019 would have been as much of a success as it was, and it is all because of his dedication and passion for providing these kids with a great summer experience. Thank you John, you're the best! Nominated by Maddie Morrow

I wanted to nominate Madeline Morrow for Summer 2019 CBC Outstanding Student. I could list a numerous amount of reasons why Madeline is a great candidate, but one of the best and most recent examples is her work with BlastOff! 2019. She tasked herself with planning a large portion of the activities (for the week-long science summer camp) and lunch provisions for each day which took months of preplanning. On top of that, she led the students during the actual event as a primary mentor. She made sure each of the students' needs were met, even if that meant that she had to personalize a lunch for a student that could not eat what the other kids were eating or walking individual students to and from the pickup/ drop off area. She did the same for the volunteers as well by including them in activities whenever possible and encouraging them to  On top of all this, she was juggling early morning shifts before the start of each day as well as shifts later in the evening in addition to the work she was doing in her research lab. After all this, she would go home and prepare the materials for the next day of BlastOff. In short, Madeline pours her heart and soul into everything she does and BlastOff! is a perfect example of her passion and dedication for her work. Nominated by John Huynh