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Njardarson Group Realizes amino-Cope Rearrangement Revival

Professor Jon T. Njardarson along with graduate students Isaac Chogii, Pradipta Das and Kevin A. Scott as well as undergraduate student Mark N. Crawford report in the Journal of the American Chemical Society a new asymmetric anion-accelerated amino-Cope reaction (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 13141). 

This contribution represents a rebirth of a field of organic chemistry, which should have taken off decades ago but was abandoned prematurely.  Njardarson’s groups “amino-Cope” team has found a way to address the problems that plagued early investigations while also realizing a useful asymmetric variation for the first time.  This new reaction provides access to chiral chains and rings of various sizes and promises to vast potential for synthetic planning.  These efforts were supported by computational mechanistic investigations by Professor K. N. Houk (UCLA) and his graduate student Jason S. Fell.