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May 2018 Student of the Month

CBC Outstanding Student of the Month allows CBC students to recognize their peers for demonstrating actions and behaviors that go above and beyond expectations. Our May 2018 winner is Marcos Gomez Ambriz, nominated by Kellen Pautzke.

Kellen says, "Marcos is an amazingly dedicated student. I have gotten to know him throughout this year, and I've seen his constant battle to achieve the grades and knowledge required to secure his future. His plans to become a doctor are not rooted in greed or status; he is one of the few people I have met who want to make changes to the system and be on the front of a better world of healthcare. He volunteers at a hospice and spends time working at his old high school with the students there. His work is for developing connections and doing everything he can to enrich the lives of people in his community. Marcos is someone I look up to, because I know that stripped of his achievements and everything he does to further his place in the race to med school, he has genuine compassion and respect for humanity". This makes him worthy of being student of the month. Congratulations, Marcos!