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Jose Veleta Selected as Thalacker Chemistry Graduate Fellow

Congratulations to Jose Veleta, who has been selected as a Victor P. Thalacker Chemistry Graduate Fellow for 2020-2021.

This fellowship is awarded to students in good standing who have completed their second or third year of graduate studies in either organic or inorganic chemistry or a sub-discipline of either and have been admitted to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree in CBC at UArizona.

Since his retirement, CBC alumnus Victor P. Thalacker has committed his energies to a variety of community activities including Habitat for Humanity, and the development of safe water supplies for communities in Tanzania. Victor and his wife, Connie, feel strongly about the value of education and the importance of chemistry in the life of human kind. They wish to encourage, through this fellowship, leading students in their pursuit of advanced degrees in Chemistry at the University of Arizona. The entire Thalacker family recognizes the importance of fellowship and community involvement in personal success and would like to encourage the continuation of these ideals in future citizens of the United States.