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Christine Gronowski Receives April Staff of the Month Award

Congratulations to Christine Gronowski (left) on being selected as the April CBC Staff Member of the Month.

Christine was nominated by Olivia Mendoza, who had this to say,

“Christine, on top of her busy daily schedule advising students and moving the Advising Office to the BSW building, found the time to create two series of virtual workshops for CBC undergraduates. She did this by inviting current CBC graduate students as well as alumni to participate as panelists/presenters.

The first series of workshops, called Careers in Industry, has 5 workshops scheduled for Spring 2021. In these workshops, students meet with representatives from a variety of industries who share their experience and knowledge and answer questions. This is an excellent opportunity for soon-to-be graduates, students interested in careers in industry, or those wanting to explore their post-graduate options. The second series of workshops is the Graduate School Series, which includes 1) Why and How Undergraduates Should Read Scientific Literature – Know the Golden Rule; and 2) Ask and it is Given: A Guide to Funding Your Graduate Studies. This was the work of graduate student Dylan Dyler, and Christine helped him.

These workshops were created as part of CBC’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee discussions in which Christine and DEI committee members brainstormed ways to help current undergraduates explore career options. To date these workshop/seminar series have been well attended. Christine is still organizing and assisting additional workshops in both these series.”