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CBC Students Present Posters at ACS Meeting

The 253rd American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting & Exposition was held in San Francisco, CA. The theme of this ACS meeting featured “Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems & Processes”.  Lindsay Guzman (pictured with Diana Knyazeva, right) shares her thoughts on the meeting:

The Fred Kavli Innovation in Chemistry Lecture featured Dr. Jennifer A. Doudna. Dr. Doudna, a professor at UC Berkeley, presented on her research on the CRISPR systems. The talk by Dr. Doudna was personally my favorite of the ACS conference, as I find the CRISPR technology to be fascinating. In addition to attending enlightening talks, I presented my research in the Jewett lab at a biological chemistry poster session. Two of my colleagues from the Jewett lab, Diana Knyazeva and Mehrdad Shadmehr, also presented their research at organic and biological chemistry poster sessions. I always find poster sessions to be more effective in presenting research, as it allows for one-on-one conversations with fellow scientists. The ACS conference had a sweet ending, with a stop at the Ghirardelli chocolate factory (pictured l-r: Mehrdad Shadmehr, Diana Knyazeva, and Lindsay Guzman).