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2019 Salsa Challenge Winners!

Pictured left to right: Erin Deely, Raini Wijeweera, Ryan Wallace, Olivia Mendoza, Arron Sullivan, and Angelica Escoto. Not pictured: Jacqueline Rodriguez, Marta Schoenle, Ellie Warder, and Charles Wolgemuth. More photos are on FB.

Congratulations to the 2019 Salsa Challenge Winners!

1st  - Raini Wijeweera – Rikki Tikki Tavi
2nd  - Marta Schoenle - Rind Blowing Watermelon Salsa
3rd  - Arron Sullivan – APCS001
1st  - Erin Deely – Pico Perfection
2nd  - Ellie Warder – Salsa Fabiosa
3rd  - Angelica Escoto – This Salsa is Dedicated To-Mah-Tio
Hot and Spicy!!
1st  - Jacqueline Rodriguez – Teuchitlan Salsa
2nd  - Olivia Mendoza – Enlightened Being
3rd  - Charles Wolgemuth – Beso de Dragon
People’s Choice
1st – Jacqueline Rodriguez – Teuchitlan Salsa
2nd – Erin Deely – Pico Perfection
3rd – Ryan Wallace – Sarusa Schichimi
Thank you to all those that entered, the judges (Danielle Barrientes, Meng Choy, Adam Daly, Gabby Garcia, Lindsay Guzman, Malik Hawkins, Lindsey Holmen, David Lasansky, Laura Lustro, Martin Marquez, Klariza Ochoa, Alejandro Villalobos), and Ellie Warder for coordinating the judging. Thank you to the staff and ambassadors who helped. Thank you to everyone who made chip donations to make this event happen.

The 2018 Salsa Challenge was sponsored by the CBC Industry Associates Program (IAP).