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Ritika Gautam

Ritika GautamI’m Ritika Gautam, currently a fourth year PhD student in Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in University of Arizona (UofA). I work on coordination chemistry of biologically relevant ligands and their redox chemistry in Prof. Tomat’s lab where I have published as a first author and coauthor with others in several leading Chemistry academic journals. Apart from being an active researcher, a significant portion of my time in the University is spent on teaching undergrads as an advanced inorganic lab instructor. Before joining UofA as a graduate, I did my undergraduate from Banaras Hindu University with honors in Chemistry and masters from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

I actively participate in providing various non-academic services in the department and the University as a reviewer and representative on several committees. I also serve as a treasurer for the Program to Advance Women Scientists at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in UofA which is a student-led group that focuses on empowering women in the sciences by providing mentorship, leadership, education, and support. In my personal time, I like reading, biking around Tucson and traveling in general.

I plan to continue doing active research and teaching after graduation and keep participating in social activities which will be a conduit through which I can serve the society and humanity.