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Walker Receives Garvin Award

Prof. F. Ann Walker
Recipient of the Francis P. Garvan-John M. Olin Medal - American Chemical Society, March, 2000

Sponsored by the Olin Corporation Charitable Trust
...for her contributions to the elucidation of the molecular and electronic structures of metalloporphyrins and heme proteins using magnetic resonance methods and for her distinguished service to the profession of chemistry.

Presentation of Award
L-R: Attila E. Pavlath (president-elect of the ACS), Prof. Walker, Regents Prof. John H. Enemark (presenter of the award).
L-R: Ad Bax (recipient of the E. Bright Wilson Award in Spectroscopy), James D. Burke (Rohm and Haas Company, presenter of the Award), and Ann.
Ann and three of her four siblings
L-R: Bob, Ann, Janet, and David Walker.

Left: Regents Professor John H. Enemark, Ann.

Right: Ann and three of her four siblings.

L-R: Bob, Janet, Ann, David, his son Kevin and wife Bobbi.
Women Chemists' Luncheon
talk announcement.
Women Chemists' Luncheon talk.
Women Chemists' Luncheon talk.
Greeting attendees after Women Chemists' Luncheon.