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Victor J. Hruby - Curriculum Vitae

Victor J. Hruby, Ph.D.  Table Of Contents
Regents Professor Emeritus
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Arizona
Office: 213/215 Chemistry Building
Phone: (520) 621-2162
Email: hruby

Education, Academic Appointments, Areas of Interest,
Awards, Honors, and Fellowships, Teaching Responsibilities,
Courses Developed, Departmental Committees, National Committees,

Professional Activities, Editorial Activities, Regular Journal Reviews,
Current External Consulting, Group Members, Publications




University of North Dakota - B.S. 1960 - Chemistry, Mathematics
University of North Dakota - M.S. 1962 - Chemistry
           Thesis Title:                      "The Chemistry of Sulfur Ylids"
           Thesis Director:                Dr. A. William Johnson
Cornell University - Ph.D. 1965 - Chemistry
           Dissertation Title:              "Some Aspects of Benzocyclobutene and Benzocyclobuta-diene Chemistry"
           Dissertation Director:       Dr. Alfred Blomquist

Academic Appointments

Instructor:                            Department of Biochemistry, Cornell University
                                              Medical College, New York, New York, 1965-1967; Research Director:  Dr. Vincent du Vigneaud

Research Associate:        Department of Chemistry, Cornell University
                                              Ithaca, New York, 1967-1968; Research Director: Dr. Vincent du Vigneaud

Assistant Professor:         Department of Chemistry, University of Arizona
                                              Tucson, Arizona, 1968-1972

Associate Professor:        Department of Chemistry, University of Arizona
                                              Tucson, Arizona, 1972-1977

Guest Worker:                     National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland
                                               1975-1976; Sabbatical with Dr. Martin Rodbell

Professor:                            Department of Chemistry, University of Arizona
                                               Tucson, Arizona, 1977-present

Regents Professor:           Department of Chemistry, University of Arizona
                                               Tucson, Arizona, 1989-2008

Professor:                            Department of Biochemistry, University of Arizona
                                               (Joint Appointment)               Tucson, Arizona, 1978-2008

Regents Professor:           Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Arizona
                                               (Joint Appointment)               Tucson, Arizona, 2008-present

Professor:                            Arizona Research Laboratories, University of Arizona
                                               (Joint Appointment)                Tucson, Arizona, 1981-present

Professor:                           Program in Neuroscience, University of Arizona
                                               (Joint Appointment)                Tucson, Arizona, 1988-present

Professor:                           Department of Medical Pharmacology, University of Arizona
                                               (Joint Appointment)                Tucson, Arizona, 2005-present

Professor:                           BIO5, University of Arizona
                                               (Joint Appointment)                Tucson, Arizona, 2005-present

Rector's  Lecturer:             Free University of Brussels
                                              Brussels, Belgium, 1979.  Sponsors:  Educational Commissions - Fulbright-Hays

Visiting Professor:             Harvard University, Department of Chemistry
                                              Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1984-1985 (Guggenheim Fellow). Sabbatical with Dr. Martin Karplus

Visiting Professor:             California Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry
                                              Pasadena, California, 1992.   Sabbatical with Dr. Peter Dervan

Visiting Professor:             Technical University of Munich, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
                                              Garshing, Germany, 1999-2000 (Senior Humboldt Fellow). Sabbatical with Dr. Horst Kessler

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Areas of Interest

  • Physical/Chemical Basis for Information Transduction
  • Host-Guest Relationships
  • Peptide Hormone and Neurotransmitter Structure-Function
  • Brain Chemistry
  • Relation of Conformation to Biological Activity
  • Amino Acid, Peptide and Protein Organic Synthesis
  • NMR as a Structural Tool for Peptides and Proteins
  • Peptides and Cancer - Multimeric Ligands
  • Mechanisms of Hormone and Neurotransmitter Actions
  • Peptides in the Central Nervous System and Gut - Peptides and Behavior
  • Bioorganic Chemistry
  • Molecular Mechanics and Molecular Dynamics of Peptides
  • Peptide and Peptidomimetic Drug Design
  • Asymmetric Synthesis
  • Peptide G-Protein Coupled Receptors
  • Peptide and Other Chemical Libraries
  • Peptides and Cancer Therapy
  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • Pain and Drug Abuse
  • Topographical Considerations in Molecular Recognition
  • De Novo Design of Peptide Mimetics
  • The Chemical Basis for Behavior
  • Obesity and Anorexia
  • Pigmentation
  • Erectile Function

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Awards, Honors and Fellowships

1959-1960        Abbott Award; Coon Award; Magna cum laude; University of North Dakota
1961                  NSF Summer Fellow; University of North Dakota
1962                  Sigma Xi; University of North Dakota
1965                  NSF Cooperative Fellow; Cornell University
1972                  American Association Advancement of Science - Fellow
1974                  American Institute of Chemists - Fellow
1975-1976        U.S. Public Health Service Senior Research Fellowship; NIH
1978-1979        Rector's Lectureship; Free University of Brussels
1979                  Fulbright-Hays Fellow
1979                  Pfizer Lecturer, Clinical Research Institute of Montreal
1979                  University Lecturer; University of Baghdad
1981                  New York Academy of Science – Fellow
1981-1982        UNESCO Lecturer; Bangalore, India
1983                  Welsh Lectureship
1984                  Karger Lectuerer; University of Oklahoma
1984                  Distinguished Alumni Lecturer; University of North Dakota
1984-1985        Guggenheim Fellowship
1985                  University Lecturer; University of Texas
1986                  American Diabetes Association Research Award
1986                  DuPoint Distinguished Lecturer; University of Indiana
1987                  Javits Neuroscience Award
1988-1996        MERIT Award – NIH
1988                  Merritt-Putnam Lecturship
1989                  Doctor Honorus Causa; Free University of Brussels
1989                  Regents Professor; University of Arizona
1989                  Selectide Corporation- Founder
1991                  University Distinguished Lecturer; Creighton University
1993                  Pierce (ne Merrifield) Award (APS)
1996                  Bloomquist Lecturer, Cornell University
1999-2000        Humboldt Senior Scientist Award - Fellow
2000                  Sieman’s Lecturer, Germany
2001                  Tetrahedron - Guest Editor (with Vadim Soloshonok). Asymmetric Synthesis of Novel Sterically Constrained Amino Acids
2002                  Ralph T. Hirschmann Award (ACS)
2002                  Cathay Award (China)
2003                  Karcher Lectuer; Univeristy of Oklahoma
2003                  Abbott Lectuerer; University of North Dakota
2003                  Nolan and Gloria Sommer Award
2005                  Arizona Art, Science & Technology Academy
2006                  Eminent Scholar Lecture; University of Arizona
2006                  Distinguished Career Teaching Award; University of Arizona
2006                  Anniversary Medal; Polish Academy of Sciences
2007                  Goodman Lecturer; University of California San Diego
2009                  Arizona Technology Innovator of the Year; University of Arizona
2009                  Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award (ACS)
2010                  Boehringer Ingelheim Lecturer; University of Montreal
2011                  Murray Goodman Scientific Excellence  Mentorship Award (APS)

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Teaching Responsibilities

Chemistry 540 - Organic Synthesis                                                                                      1968-1977
Chemistry 543 - Organic Structure Determination                                                             1969-present
Chemistry 299, 399, 499 - Honors (Undergraduate Research                                       1969-present
Chemistry 241a,b - Organic Chemistry                                                                                1973-1991
Chemistry 241a,b - Honors) (Organic Chemistry                                                               1970-1973
Chemistry 245a,b - Organic Chemistry Laboratory-Majors                                              1970-1974
Chemistry 101b - Lectures in General Chemistry                                                              1973, 2001
Chemistry 446 - Organic Preparations                                                                                 1977, 1987-1991
Chemistry 440 - Qualitative Organic Analysis)                                                                    1980, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1991,1995
Biochemistry - Proteins, Enzymes, and Physical Biochemistry                                       1978, 1980, 1982
Biochemistry - Biophysical Methods                                                                                     1985-1988
Chemistry 402/502 - Intermediate Organic Chemistry                                                      1985, 1986, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003
Chemistry 696C - Organic Seminar                                                                                      1985, 1986, 1992, 1996
Chemistry 646X & 549A - Peptide and Protein Chemistry                                                1990, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2009
Chemistry 436, 536 - Scientific and Ethical Aspects of ModifyingHuman Behavior     2004, 2006, 2008, 2010

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Courses Developed

Chemistry 543                   Organic Structure Determination

Chemistry 245a; 245b     Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry 440                   Organic Qualitative Analysis

Chemistry 646                   Peptide and Protein Chemistry

Chemistry 402/502           Intermediate Organic Chemistry

Chemistry 436/536           Scientific and Ethical Aspects of Modifying Human Behavior

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Departmental Committees

1968-1973          Seminar Committee; Chairman (1969-1973)
1968-1973          Safety Committee; Ad Hoc Committee on Laboratory Renovations (1971-1972)
1973-1975          Travel and Recruiting Committee; Chairman
1973-1975          Undergraduate Advisor
1976-1978          Graduate Study Committee; Chairman (1977-1978)
1978-1979          Faculty Search Committee; Chairman, (1978-1980, 1985-1988)
1979-1999          NMR Committee
1979-1982          Research Committee
1980                     Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Recruiting
1981-1983          Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Recruiting, Space Committee
1981-1988          Steering Committee; Head, Organic Division (1982-1986)
1983-1992          Promotion and Tenure (For Different  Professors)
1984-present     Faculty Advisory Committees For Asst. Professors
1988-1990          Research Committee
1988-1990          Department Head Search; Chairman
1990-2005          Computer Graphics Facility
1991-1992          Safety Committee
1995-1999          Computer Graphics Facility Committee; Chairman
1999-present     Promotion and Tenure (For Different  Professors)
2000-2004          Computer Graphics Facility Committee; Chairman

2003-2010          Faculty Search Committee; Chair
2003-present     Committee for Faculty Hiring Plan; Chair
2007-present     Faculty Research Committee

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University Committees

1971-1975        University Conciliation Panel Head
1976-1980        University Committee on Graduate Study
1979-1983        Pre-Health Professional Committee
1981-1984        Liberal Arts College Promotion and Tenure Committee; Chairman (1982-1983)
1981-present   Arizona Research Laboratory Member
1982-1983        Department Head Search Committee, Chemistry
1982-1985        Biotechnology Committee
1983-1987        Sequencing Facility
1986-1990        Technology Transfer Committee
1987-1993        User Group Committee, Molecular Biology Support Facility, Biotechnology Center
1987-1996        User Group Committee, Molecular Design Facility, Biotechnology Center
1987-1990        University Promotion and Tenure Committee
1989-1991        University Committee on Ethics and Commitment; Acting Chair (1990-1991)
1988                   University Committee to Evaluate the Department of Nutrition and Food Science
1989                   Faculty of Science Committee to Evaluate Dean
1990-1991        Research Policy Committee
1994-1997        Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure
1994-2002        Biology 21 Committee
1994-1996        Organizing Principles Committee
1997-2001        Faculty Chair’s Task Force on Faculty Salaries
1998                   Undergraduate Centennial Achievement Award Committee
2001-present    Biological Chemistry Program Co-Chair 
2001-2004         Biotechnology Search Committee
2003-2004         Institute for Biomedical Science and Biotechnology
2005-present    Executive Committee - ARIBI

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National Committees

1977-present       Public Health Service Consultant, Site Visits, Ad Hoc
1979-1990           National Executive Committee, American Peptide Symposium
1980-1984           Physiological Chemistry Study Section, NIH  
1981-1983           Chairman, American Peptide Symposium                                                                                
1985-1989           Secretary, American Peptide Symposium    
1985-1989           Bioorganic and Natural Products Chemistry Study Section, NIH                                        
1988-2004           Committee of Editors of Biochemical Journals, IUPAC                                                        
1988-1994           Grants Program Advisory Board, Research Corporation                                                      
1988-1993           American Chemical Society, Canvassing Committee, Hirschmann Award                      
1990-1991           American Peptide Society, Council - President                                                                       
1991-1993           American Peptide Society, Liaison Committee - Chair                                                           
1993-1994           NRC Study Committee, Stress in Science, U.of A. Faculty Representative                       
1993-1995           du Vigneaud Award Committee                                                                                      
1994-1997           American Chemical Society, Medicinal Chemistry - Councilor                                 
1995-1997           Awards Committee, Chair, APS                                                                                      
1996-1998           American Peptide Society, Awards Committee, Chair                                                
1997-2003           American Peptide Society, Council                                                                                             
1997-2001           Cathay Award
2000-2005           Special Emphasis Panel, Molecular Neuropharmacology & Signaling Committee                                                                                                
2007-2012           Special Emphasis Panel, Drug Discovery for the Nervous System
2012-present       Special Emphasis Panel, Drug Discovery for the Nervous System

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Professional Activities

American Chemical Society
           Joint Board-Council Committee on Patents and Related Matters                            1997-2010
           Academic Councilor-Medicinal Chemistry                                                                     1994-2000
           Alternate Councilor - Medicinal Chemistry                                                                     1997-2001
          Ethics Committee                                                                                                            2010-present
Southern Arizona Section
           Secretary                                                                                                                               1972
           President-Elect                                                                                                                     1973
           President                                                                                                                               1974
American Institute of Chemists, Fellow
American Association for Advancement of Science, Fellow

New York Academy of Science, Fellow
Society of Sigma Xi
American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biophysical Society
American Peptide Symposium 
President                                                                                                                              1982-1984
           Vice President                                                                                                                     1984-1985
           Secretary                                                                                                                              1985-1989
Marvel Symposium, Chairman                                                                                                    1987
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry                                                                1989-present
Selectide Corporation, Founding Scientist                                                                               1990
Scientific Advisory Board, Chairman                                                                                          1991-1995
American Peptide Society
           President                                                                                                                              1990-1991
           Liaison Committee                                                                                                             1991-1993
           Honorary Member                                                                                                              1993-present
           Awards Committee, Chairman                                                                                        1996-1999
           Publications Committee                                                                                                   1995-2003
           Council                                                                                                                                 1997-2003
Protein Society                                                                                                                               1990-present

The International Neuropeptide Soceity Board                                                                       1994-present
The Cathay Award International Committee                                                                            1996-2001, 2006-2010 
Keystone Symposium, Chairman and Organizer with Gary Olson, Peptide Mimetics    1992
Task Force for Review of Journal of Medicinal Chemistry                                                     1998-1999

Organizing Committees
Am. Peptide Symposium                                                                                                  1997-1999
           Chinese Peptide Symposium                                                                                          1995-present
           Intl. Peptidomimetic Symposium                                                                                    1990-2002

Gordon Research Conference on Peptide Chemistry and Biology, Co-Chair                  2002

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Editorial Activities

 Editor-in-Chief               The Journal of Peptide Research                                                1997-present
Editor-in-Chief               International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research          1988-1996
Associate Editor            International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research          1981-1988

Editorial Boards            Journal of Protein Chemistry                                                        1981-2005
                                         Life Sciences                                                                                    1984-1990
                                         Journal of Medicinal Chemistry                                                     1987-1991
                                         Peptide Research                                                                            1988-2006
                                         Journal of Receptor and Signal Transduction Research         1991-2006
                                         Peptide Science                                                                                1993-present
                                         Drug Design and Discovery                                                            1993-present
                                         Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 
                                         Heterocyclic Communications                                                        1994-present
                                         Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening      1997-present
                                         I Drugs, The Investigational Drugs Journal                                  1998-present
                                         Chemical Biol & Drug Design                                                         2006-present
                                         Drug Design, Development & Therapy                                          2007-present    
                                         Open Medicinal Chemistry Journal                                                2007-present
                                         Biologics: Targets & Therapy                                                          2006-present
                                         Drug Design, Development & Treatment                                      2007-present
                                         Drug Design & Reviews Online                                                      2003-present

                                          Peptides                                                                                               2010-present

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 Regular Journal Review

  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • Journal of Organic Chemistry
  • Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Proceedings of the National Acadademy of Science U.S.A.
  • Biopolymers
  • Organic Magnetic Resolution
  • Life Sciences
  • Journal of Mededicinal Chemistry
  • Tetrahedron Letters
  • Tetrahedron
  • Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
  • Organic Letters
  • Nature
  • Angew. Chemie
  • Several other Biological Journals

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External Consulting

U.S. Public Health Service                                                                        1977-present
COBRE, NDSU                                                                                            2001-2006
Several chemical and biotechnology companies (currently three)  1975-present

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People in Research Group

Research Professors - 2
Postdoctorals - 3
Graduate Students - 7
Research Scientists - 1
Undergraduate Students - 8
Visiting Scientists - 1

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Over 1200 papers in refereed journals, monographs and proceedings – see Publications
Over 400 abstracts from meetings and symposia
Editor of 3 books
Co-author of 1 book
Over 15 patents

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