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Clean Room

Photolithography and Wet EtchingThe Chemistry Cleanroom Facility in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry  provides a Class 1000/ISO Class 6 environment and contains many of the same types of resources found in semiconductor cleanrooms. This includes, Semiconductor photolithography, patterning and wet etching capabilities, Physical Vapor Deposition of metals, and Reactive Ion Etching of substrates.

The equipment available for general use includes the following:

  • Karl Suss MJB3 mask aligner and 200W exposure system which is capable of patterning sub-micron features.
  • Laurell WS650S Spin Processor with Vacuum Chucks suitable for odd -shaped substrates from 0.5" dia. and up to 4" dia. and 1"x 3" microscope slides.
  • 6" Bake plate for soft bake of photoresist.
  • Thermionics Electron Beam Evaporator system with a 4 pocket rotary hearth for deposition of up to 4 different metals.
  • Jelight UV-Ozone cleaner for samples and substrates up to 6" square.
  • Barnstaed Diamond UV/TOC Ultrapure water system for production of Type I (18.2 M-ohm) water with total oxidized carbon levels below 5 ppb.

Wet Process Hood With this equipment, the facility is capable of producing very fine features on the order of 0.7 microns.

In addition, we have space that can be dedicated to directed research requiring clean space with an exhausted laminar flow bench.

Training is available for most aspects of cleanroom use as well as the instrumentation housed in the cleanroom.

Floor Plan of the CBC Cleanroom Facility