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Nicholas Lauta

Nicholas LautaI graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.S. in Biochemistry. University of Arizona was an obvious choice for my graduate studies after seeing Dr. Njardarson’s contributions to synthetic organic chemistry. After joining his group, I worked on a project involving a new methodology for the synthesis of indoles, a highly privileged structural motif in nature and drugs. My current projects include the total synthesis and derivatization of Apomorphine to investigate as potential new drug candidates for Parkinson’s alongside a project that is devoted to synthesizing novel small molecule analogs to disrupt protein-protein COVID-19 interactions. After my graduate studies, I hope to become a professor of organic chemistry to help interest students in organic chemistry and reciprocate what was done for me. The Victor P. Thalacker Graduate Fellowship will allow me to continue my education by allowing me to purchase a number of textbooks and other supplies that are necessary for my research and intellectual growth.