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Munaum QureshiI was born in Riverside, California and grew up all over the world as an Air Force child. In 2016 I received my BS from the University of Texas at Austin, and I came to the UofA to pursue my PhD under the instruction of Dr. Jon Njardarson. My work in the Njardarson lab involves creating new synthetic methodology for efficient synthesis of drug-like structures, with a focus on halogenated compounds. In addition, I enjoy being a part of the community outreach program of our lab, where we create apps and posters for free distribution around the world to help educate and inspire people to see the beauty in organic chemistry. As the graduate student in charge of Organic Cafe here at the UofA, I have had the opportunity to connect with hundreds of students over the years and share my love of organic chemistry with them, inspiring them to pursue subjects that they find fascinating.