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Miguel Pacheco - ASUA Senate

Last Fall, I was thinking of how I could give back to the students and faculty that have helped me through the rough times in my undergraduate career, so I decided to run for ASUA Senate. I wanted to bring a scientific perspective to Senate, because I felt the UA should be doing more to help STEM students find their direction--which I know was not easy for me. I sought the endorsements of the CBC Department and both the Chemistry and Biochemistry Clubs, and with their help, I won the election. While I haven't served for much time as Senator for the College of Science, I'm pleased to say that at our first meeting, I helped pass a resolution expressing the Senate's solidarity with Muslim students at the UA, condemning the recent acts of intimidation and vandalism that have occurred at the Islamic Center of Tucson. I also hope to work with faculty to organize an event where students give lab tours and presentations about their research, so that the public can be reminded of the importance of funding scientific research amid threats of budget cuts to organizations like the NIH and NSF. I'm not sure I'll run for public office after graduation, but I will certainly continue to be an advocate for science through teaching and research.