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Matthew BienickMatthew is a “Michigander” born and raised. He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University, where he developed a passion for the broad field of protein engineering.  He came to Tucson in 2014 to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry under the guidance of Indraneel Ghosh, Ph.D. Matthew has multiple projects going on in the Ghosh lab, but his focus is the design of switchable protein kinases and phosphatases, that is, being able to control these enzymes through user-defined input. It is the lab’s goal to use these engineered proteins to probe at cell signaling pathways and gain insight on their interactions. Another project of his is the development of orthogonal split-luciferase reporters. He has developed several novel split-luciferases by careful protein design and subsequently through optimization by structure-guided mutagenesis. He has also successfully shown that these new split-luciferases are active in vitro and in mammalian cells and have the ability to report multiple types of protein-protein interactions.

His main passion outside of lab is triathlons. If you cannot find him in lab, you can find him either swimming, biking, or running. He also enjoys hiking and backpacking with his partner through as many national parks as he can. For relaxation, he loves to just sit at home, watch movies and cuddle with his two dogs, Kelly and Bogie.