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Mahsa GhaffariI am a 5th year doctoral candidate in the biological chemistry program (BCP) in the group of Dr. Indraneel Ghosh. I completed my bachelor’s degree in chemistry in my hometown, Tehran, Iran and then moved to the US and earned a master’s degree in organic chemistry with the focus of medicinal chemistry in Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. My current research focuses on the development of methods for controlling the activity of two classes of enzymes called protein kinases and protein phosphatases for better understanding of their function within the complicated signaling pathways.

During our time as a graduate student, we need to be able to transfer our knowledge to younger students. Towards this goal, as a teaching assistant responsible to teach organic chemistry laboratories I have been recognized multiple times by the department for excellence in teaching undergraduates as well as the highest departmental award in teaching. And, in 2015, I received the College of Science graduate teaching award. I have also had a chance to serve in TA Evaluation Committee and CBC Recruiting and Admissions Committee. Besides academic activities, I enjoy painting, biking and roller-skating if I have enough time.