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Lauren OstopowiczI was raised in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and I moved a couple hours away to purse a B.S. in chemistry from Millersville University in 2018. After graduation, I moved across the country to sunny Tucson, and I am currently a graduate student in Dr. Pemberton’s lab pursuing an M.S. in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Arizona. My research project was to design and build infrared, solid-state spectroelectrochemistry cells. These cells are currently being utilized to understand the degradation chemistry of organic semiconductor materials under operation-like conditions.

In addition to research, I have taught a variety of courses at the University of Arizona. I taught mostly freshman in 151/152 General Chemistry Lab my first year as a TA. After that year, I jumped up to 400A Instrumental Analysis Lab with Dr. Belle-Oudry. Since then, I have alternated semesters between teaching the seniors and working closely with Mark Yanagihashi in 144 General Chemistry. It is fun and exciting to teach both ends of the undergraduate chemistry curriculum.