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Klariza Ochoa - Tucson Youth Football and Spirit Federation Cheerleading

I am a Sophomore here at the University of Arizona, and I am currently a Chemistry major. I plan on getting my BS in Chemistry and then finding a career in Forensics. About fourteen years ago, my parents put me in cheerleading and I fell in love. I cheered on a team through the Tucson Youth Football and Spirit Federation (TYFSF) called the Sahuarita 49ers up until my eighth-grade year and then continued to cheer at San Miguel High School. After I graduated high school, I got asked to be an assistant coach for the 49ers. TYFSF is a nonprofit organization so as a coach, I am a volunteer.  I have been the assistant for about 2 years now and I love it so much. I enjoy coaching the younger the girls because it’s incredible to see their improvement over the season and how much they love cheering.  I know how important it is to have a coach who you look up to, and I hope I can be that coach for my team.

Practices start in July and the season ends in November, so I do coach during the first semester of the school year. Managing to be a full-time student and being a coach isn’t the hardest thing I have had to do, but it is still a challenge. My other coaches are super helpful and know that school comes first. If I have to miss a practice because of homework or tutoring, the coaches are completely understanding. I do also work after my classes to for school so from school, I go to work, then I go coach. During the fall semester I am very busy, but I still manage to get my work done. Although cheer is a big factor in my life, school always comes first and I know I have to work hard towards my degree and balance out my school life with my coaching life.