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Kevyn JacobusKevyn Jacobus is currently working towards her B.S. in Biochemistry with a Math minor. She will be graduating in May 2021, after completion of her senior thesis in Dr. Cherrington’s lab. Kevyn studies altered drug and protein disposition in advanced fatty liver disease states, specifically nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). NASH usually goes undiagnosed as testing requires a liver biopsy. Like most disease states, though, NASH can have an impact on how medications and toxins are processed by the body. A patient with NASH might need a larger medication dose for it to be effective, or they might be more susceptible to toxicity because of their condition. Kevyn and her fellow researchers are working on projects to diagnose NASH in a less invasive way. They are also studying how drug and toxin metabolism is different in NASH patients to provide safer and more individualized healthcare. Kevyn has known since middle school that she wanted to study pharmacology. She plans to attend a dual PharmD/PhD program after graduation in order to use her experiences to become a higher education instructor. This award will allow Kevyn to achieve these career goals by being able to focus on her research and her academics without the financial burden of loans or the time burden of working multiple jobs. While Kevyn is currently involved in her community by being a tutor and a Chemistry & Biochemistry department ambassador, she hopes to use this opportunity to become further involved by volunteering at the Poison Control Center. In her free time, Kevyn enjoys boxing, crafting, walking her two dogs, and going to the movies.