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Jonathan SanchezAlthough I was born in Mexico, I grew up in Arizona. My original interest in a science career was peaked in community college after a summer research experience. From there, I obtained dual BS degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biosciences at Arizona State University. During my time there, I focused on identifying mechanisms responsible for improvising nutrient uptake and crop yield.  Since most of my research up to that point had focused in molecular biology, I decided to further expand my scientific knowledge by pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry. Upon acceptance to the University of Arizona, I joined Dr. Nancy Horton’s research group wherein I investigated the role of the main replicative protein from human parvovirus B19 and its role in viral genome replication and possible triggering of autoimmune diseases. As I’m now in my 6th year, I am finishing up my research and looking forward to learning new methodologies as I continue down a career path focusing on structural biology.