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Javier Castillo-MontoyaI am currently a 5th year PhD Candidate studying Biological Chemistry at the University of Arizona. Ipreviously earned a bachelor's degree in Food Chemistry at the University of Sonora, in my hometown of Hermosillo, Mexico. As part of my PhD, I perform interdisciplinary research at the Ghosh Lab, where I design and develop protein engineering tools to study protein kinases and protein phosphatases signaling pathways, with the end goal of understanding their biology and designing new therapies for diseases they are involved in. Aside from my lab work, I am pursuing a Doctoral Minor in Entrepreneurship at the UofA McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, and I am part of the Tech Launch Arizona Innovation Fellows Program. These experiences have allowed me to complement my science and research education with business and technology transfer skills that will ultimately enable me to pursue my passion of applying science to have a positive impact on changing people's and communities' lives for the better. During my time at the University of Arizona, I have also had the chance to serve on several committees in and outside CBC, including the CBC Recruiting and Admissions Committee, CBC TA Evaluation Committee, 2nd Annual BCP-DDD Retreat Organizing Committee, and Associate Graduate Council for the College of Science. When I have the luxury of some free time, I enjoy biking, cooking, playing the guitar and listening to my favorite music. Looking ahead, I plan to wrap up my doctorate and secure a position within the life sciences industry by the end of 2016.