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Research Data Storage Details

CBC Research data is stored on NAS housed in the UITS data-center and joined to the Catnet domain. It is a RAID 6 consisting of 10 drives and two hot spares. Access to data is done via a URL protected with a 4098 bit encrypted SSL and a dual authentication application. The device also supports drive mapping utilizing domain service accounts which adhere to Microsoft Password Policy. Drive mapping from subnets that reside outside of our MPLS firewall require a VPN connection. This uses a Cisco secure client as well as Dual Authentication.

The device is backed up nightly to Cloud Service storage. It uses a version design and keeps copies of altered files 100 versions deep.

To meet NIH and NSF data sharing obligations we have two processes in place. DCC (designated campus college) domain ID's can be obtained through a process involving our HR office. We also retain the ability to create and administrate local accounts for off premise users requesting data.

For any additional information please contact Michael Morris, CBC IT Manager at 520-626-5628.