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Benefits for Participating Companies


  • A formal relationship with the faculty, students and staff in the CBC Department.
  • Honorary Galileo Circle Corporate Membership
    • Exclusive invitations to Galileo Circle Dinners and Scholars & Fellows Celebrations.
    • Invitations to participate in Galileo Circle science travel trips.
    • Invitations to College of Science seminars, lectures and special events.
  • Company representation at scientific workshops/symposia organized by CBC, including workshops offered by the Research Support Services (RSS) of the department. IAP partner company representatives are also invited to the annual CBC Research Symposium held each August featuring our best and brightest graduate students.  These events provide opportunities for CBC graduate students and faculty to share their expertise with IAP participants and to explore mutual interests.
  • Priority access to CBC graduate student resumes and interviewing opportunities, and facilitated interviews with our graduating students upon request throughout the calendar year.
  • Assistance in developing and coordinating industry-academia internships and sabbaticals.


  • Patent databases and market evaluations through the UA Technology Transfer Office.
  • Videotaped seminars and symposia that are available through UA web sites.


  • Priority for chemical & biochemical analyses by any of the ten Research Support Services facilities housed within CBC.
  • Preferred consultation with the professional RSS scientists and staff to assist with assay design.


  • Recognition in the CBC Catalyst Alumni Magazine, the e-Catalyst newsletter, and on the IAP website.
  • Listed as a valued partner company on IAP signage in the lobby of the Chemical Sciences Building.

Benefits to the Department

  • Funding for CBC@UA recruitment, scholarships, fellowships, and special projects.
  • Increased utilization of RSS services from IAP partner companies that were unaware of our expertise.
  • Input from IAP partners on increasing the industrial relevance of educational and research programs.
  • Assistance in student placement for internships, summer projects, and full-time employment.
  • Early access to state-of-the-art research in industry and opportunities for our graduates.
  • Opportunities for industry supported research funding within CBC using IP-protected best practices.
  • Exposure of CBC graduate students to the culture of academic-industry partnerships and their benefits.

We invite your participation in the Industry Associates Program. In return, we promise to do our part to provide the knowledge and talent needed to advance chemistry and biochemistry in your company.