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Eman AkamEman Abureida Akam is a doctoral candidate pursuing a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry in the group of Dr. Elisa Tomat. Her work involves design, synthesis and biological investigation of disulfide-masked prochelators that target the  iron metabolism of cancer.  Eman is passionate about research as well as learning and teaching science, and yearns to be a perpetual student. She plans to accomplish this by becoming a professor of chemistry in the future. She believes that knowledge is power and armor, and hopes to ignite the desire for learning in others. Towards that goal, she is enjoys being part of programs that center around science education. She is a mentor in the African Americans in Life Sciences club, an officer in the Program for the Advancement of Women Scientists in Chemistry and Biochemistry , and a research mentor for undergrduate students. She has also served on several committees in and outside of CBC and received the College of Science Service award in 2015.Outside of academic activities, Eman enjoys the outdoors as well as painting, writing, and sculpting.