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Elizabeth Nguyen - Aramco Research Center, Houston

Crossing the Colorado River in AustinThis summer, I worked with the Research and Development department of Aramco Services Company (Aramco Research Center - Houston) as a summer intern for nine weeks in Houston, TX. During this time, I worked my mentor, Dr. Oliverio Alvarez, in the Sensors Development team to assist in experimental design and performing high-quality data acquisition for microwave characterization of reservoir fluids. I expanded my learning opportunities throughout the summer by participating in a hazardous waste presentation for the team with our safety personnel, improving the safety in our team’s lab, collaborating with neighboring scientists, attending seminars, and presenting my experimental developments to the company. In this process, I learned about the measurement of different electrical properties of brines, geochemistry and its applications of analytical characterization as well as the development of drilling fluids. Throughout this experience, I was able to apply the practical knowledge I had gained from my previous research experience with the Hruby group as well as research projects from chemistry lab courses.

Outside of the internship, I explored most of Houston and Austin every other weekend to go on mini-foodie and downtown adventures. I was also able to briefly meet up with fellow CBC ambassador and good friend, Lucy Hyatt in Austin during one trip to visit food trucks and explore town. 

Overall, my internship experience was enriched by active communication, taking initiative to participate in side experiments in addition to my major project, and taking advantage of every second I had to learn from others. This was all made possible by the recommendations from Dr. Aspinwall and Dr. Belle-Oudry. I was able to improve as a scientist and a leader through Dr. Oliverio Alvarez as well as team leads and researchers from neighboring groups.Liz and Dr. Oliverio Alvarez

One of my favorite eat: Ramen Tatsu-ya

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