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Student Spotlight

Hear our stories!


Kathia Antillon (CHEM & SPAN) reflects on how she became a Wildcat and her exciting research interests!

Meucci Ilinga (BIOC & MATH) shares his journey to the UA and aspirations for the future!

John Heydorn (CHEM) discusses his Pharmacy career and why being a Wildcat is such a great decision!


Nadia Ingabire (BIOC) talks about her inspiration for her research and exciting future!

Stephanie Navarro (CHEM) discusses her goals and the long road to graduation!

Steven Fried (BIOC, CHEM, & MATH) tells us about why he decided on the UA and his exciting research!

Dez Coleman (BIOC) shares what has inspired her to apply for medical school, her journey, and random research lab search!

David (BIOC, MATH, & COSC) provides great music recommendations and shares his passion for his research!

Ricky (CHEM, BIOC, PHL) reminds us just how much fun a semester abroad in Italy can be!

Alejandro (CHEM) reveals his inspiration for coming to the UA and love of research!

Setayesh (BIOC) reminds us why you should always Bear Down!!