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William Bahureksa

William BahureskaMy name is William Bahureksa and I will be graduating in Spring 2015 from the University of Arizona with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Biochemistry. My undergraduate career was spent as a Chemistry Club member and ambassador of the Chemistry and Biochemistry department, which gave me the opportunity to interact with and guide other students through the curriculum and participate in Tucson’s community. There is a breadth of research offered at the U of A, where I spent time exploring different labs before working in Dr. Michael Heien’s research group. In the Heien group, I performed research throughout the academic year and summer through the Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP), which gave me experience in a research setting and ultimately manifested as a desire to attain a graduate degree. My current research focuses on the synthesis and analysis of a polymer as a microelectrode for use in electrochemical detection. I plan to continue pursuing research in novel materials in the future and encourage other students to be passionate in their studies.