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Lisa Daconta

Lisa DacontaI became aware of my passion to teach others the wonders of something I had recently learned at the young age of five. Ever since that awakening, my desire to teach others blossomed fervently. Now, many years later, I realize that teaching is so much more than explaining a learned concept; it is empowering another individual with knowledge, providing them with a mentor, and pursuing the unanswered or unimaginable! For as long as I can remember, I have eagerly anticipated the day where I could inspire students to love, or at least respect, science as much as I do. I consider it my reward to positively impact their personal lives as much as the teachers before me have been instrumental in my life-path---and now that I have completed my Bachelor’s in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology, I can finally fulfill this burning passion of mine by completing the one-year Masters of Education degree here at the University of Arizona! 

Over the past year as a Wildcat, I worked for the Hruby group developing novel mu/delta opioid receptor probes in pursuit of a functional ligand that would selectively bind the mu/delta heterodimer complex for potential future therapeutic applications in opioid addiction. During this time, I also had the wonderful opportunity to teach UA chemistry lab and supplementary instruction courses, while loading up my arsenal of teaching strategies for my quickly approaching future of high school chemistry. After all is said and done, someday soon, I will be “bearing down” and achieving my utmost objective in life, the one thing that I have jumped through 6 years of flaming hoops for, to be the best educator that I can possibly be!