Katherine Burrell

Katie BurrellMy interest in science has always been inspired by my mom, a 5th grade science teacher who has sparked curiosity in STEM for almost 25 years. It was inevitable that I would be following in her footsteps when I first joined of the University of Arizona’s ASBMB chapter of Biochemistry Club and became involved in the outreach for young students all across Tucson. Encouraging students to become future scientists has become a huge part of my time here at U of A, and it’s incredibly fulfilling to see the excitement in a child’s eye from an experiment. Science is equivalent to magic as a child, and I think seeing it at work opens a door of wonder and possibilities to them. My goal is to incite kids to pursue science in school and later in their careers, just as I was encouraged when I was young.

Currently, I am a senior studying biochemistry and molecular & cellular biology with a minor in psychology. My research interests have narrowed to the field of pharmacology from working in two pharmacology research labs during my time as an undergraduate. My research work has included determining the mechanisms of action of therapeutic effects of the compound ATRA, and currently, assessing the permeability of analgesics to the blood brain barrier during induced episodic migraine. Although challenging, the interdisciplinary nature of pharmacology and drug action in a biological system has most galvanized my pursuits to continue at a doctoral level; I will be starting my PhD program in pharmacology this fall.