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ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Each year, the Analytical Division of Chemistry and Biochemistry selects an undergraduate who has excelled in the area of analytical chemistry and shows great potential as a future analytical chemist to receive the ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry.

The student selected receives the Journal of Analytical Chemistry and is awarded a certificate of recognition signed by the Chairman of the Division and Editor of Analytical Chemistry.

To be eligible, all award candidates must have completed CHEM 325/326 during their third year as an undergraduate and must be enrolled at University of Arizona in chemistry for the next academic year.

October Owen-2022

Dominic Dobai-2021

Jack Liu - 2020
Leo Hamerlynck - 2017-2018
Joey DeGrandchamp - 2016-2017
Stephen Merchant - 2014
Eric Hansen - 2013
Emily Moore - 2008
John Keogh - 2006
Margo Ellis - 2005
Alison Ange - 2004
Ryan Hernandez - 2003