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International Exchange U-Nottingham


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry began a Chemistry International Exchange Program with the University of Nottingham in England in Fall 2005. Since then, the program has expanded to also include students who wish to study a more broad range of subjects. In any case, students must work with their major advisor to select appropriate modules and plan the 3rd and 4th years before going abroad.

Outbound UA students to Nottingham take between 50-60 Nottingham units per semester (up to 120 per year) to be full-time students.

Students who wish to study chemistry during at Nottingham during their 3rd year have the option of choosing pre-approved modules (physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and many choices for CHEM electives) that will fulfill UA major and degree requirements which will keep the student on track toward graduation goals in the chemistry major. To be eligible for this type of exchange and to meet the pre-requisites for the Nottingham modules, students must have completed:

  • one year of general chemistry with labs
  • one year of organic chemistry with labs
  • one year of calculus based physics with labs
  • MATH 124, 129, & 223
  • CHEM 325 & 326

Also, students must carry at least a 3.0 GPA overall, with a 3.5 GPA in the pre-major/major courses to be considered for the program.

Chemistry students who wish to participate in the exchange program, but would rather take a broad range of subject to fulfill general education requirements or personal interest electives (in addition to an occasional chemistry course) may also apply to this program. General eligibility criteria outlined by the UA Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange apply in this case.

  • Exchange coordinators at both destinations assist with applications, documentation, housing, travel scholarships, etc.
  • Faculty mentors help with course integration and opportunities for involvement within the department
  • Academic Advisors assist with course equivalency, selection, registration, and ensuring graduation requirements are being met
  • Peer groups provide insight, connection and FUN!
  • Knowledgeable staff direct students to campus resources

Students may opt for the full academic year, or just the fall or spring semester.

  • May 31 for Fall term or full academic year
  • Nov 31 for Spring term only

Interested chemistry majors should contact the CBC Advisor and attend a study abroad information session through the | Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange |.