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CBC Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program

How to Become a CBC Peer Mentor

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Do you have a desire to help students that are new to Chemistry and Biochemistry?

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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry recruits upper-classmen to serve as peer mentors each fall to assist incoming freshmen during their first semester at the University of Arizona.  We seek students who are willing to volunteer as peer mentors to: share their experience and wisdom as University of Arizona Chemistry and/or Biochemistry students, provide a listening ear to incoming Freshmen, properly refer new students to campus resources, and encourage and facilitate student involvement in clubs, undergraduate research, seminars, helpful courses, and other activities that add value to their education.
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (CBC) Advising Office sponsors the CBC Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program to provide new students with guidance and counsel. This highly successful program, established in 2005 is designed to encourage student involvement within the CBC Department. Furthermore, peer mentors share their experiences and knowledge of programs and affiliations to help new students find and/or discover their potential career path. New CBC students and current CBC upperclassmen mentors are matched based on students' background and interests. Mentors work with new CBC students on a one-to-one basis to assist new students with academic and professional development.
As a transfer student, there were fewer resources for my transition to the UA. As a result, my peer mentor was my strongest for things such a club involvement, research, successful study tips, and friendship as I moved to UA. Thanks to her support and friendship, I am now honored to be a peer mentor for three wonderful CBC students, and I hope that I can continue on the tradition of helpful assistance so that they can have an easy transition into college life and feel comfortable in the workplace and beyond!  Alyssa Peterson, Class of 2021.
When I was a freshman, I was in a department that did not have a peer mentoring program.  I stumbled a little bit learning how to communicate with professors, study for exams, and find my way around campus.  Now that I've learned all the tips and tricks for myself, I really enjoy sharing them with my mentees. They know that I can connect them with resources, and I'm happy to give them that peace of mind. Madison Mollico, Class of 2021.

The eligibility criteria to become a CBC Undergraduate Peer Mentor are as follows:

be a Junior or Senior CBC undergraduate at start of the fall term (with consideration given to some exceptional Sophomores)
be completely through your second year of the program
be in good academic standing
be outgoing, involved in campus life, and research active (or have a desire to be)
As a CBC Peer Mentor, you will meet with the CBC Peer Mentor Coordinator to learn about your role as a mentor and what to expect over the semester. If available you can attend a Welcome Back Event at the beginning of the academic school year to meet your mentees (2-3 new CBC students) in a fun setting. During the semester, you will coordinate and have the opportunity to socialize with your mentees.
Each year we ask students to nominate their peer mentors for the Outstanding Peer Mentor Award (read more about the mentors at this link)
If interested in becoming a CBC Peer Mentor, please contact Olivia Mendoza, CBC Undergraduate Peer Mentor Coordinator: