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International Applications


In addition to the normal application procedures, international students should consider the following information.

International applicants from non-English-speaking countries must include TOEFL results. Applicants from non-English-speaking countries cannot be admitted to The University of Arizona without a passing TOEFL score. Test of Spoken English (TSE) scores are not accepted. Minimum internet-based TOEFL scores for admission are:

Aggregate 80
Speak 23

Students with TOEFL scores not meeting this threshold will NOT be admitted to the graduate program.

TOEFL scores are generally not required from applicants who have completed two (2) years of full-time, upper-division academic study in the U.S. or have received a bachelor's degree or higher from an institution in the United States, English-speaking provinces of Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. However, if you have been residing outside these countries since completing your study or earning your degree, you may be required to submit a current TOEFL score. If you have questions whether you must submit a TOEFL report, please contact the Graduate Coordinator.

TOEFL results are valid for two (2) years from the test date to the semester of admission. Official scores can be sent to The University of Arizona by request from TOEFL, Box 899-TR, Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA (the institution code for The University of Arizona is 4832).


For international students with concerns regarding TOEFL scores, GRE scores and prior areas of study, we offer a optional screening process. The Screening Form should be completed and returned via email to the Graduate Coordinator before December 1. Your submission will be evaluated by the admissions committee and, based on the information provided, the applicant will be either encouraged or discouraged from completing a full application to our program. Please note, submission of a Screening Form is optional and no guarantees of admission will be made based on its evaluation.


All admitted students will receive an I-20 form from the Graduate College. This form is to be used to apply for an F-1 visa. For additional questions about visa procedures, you may contact the Office of International Student Programs and Services. For married students with an accompanying spouse:* If your spouse does not intend to work, you should obtain an F-2 visa for him/her as outlined above.

* If your spouse intends to work, you should obtain a J-1 visa for yourself and a J-2 visa for your spouse. To obtain a J-1 visa, contact the Department of Chemistry Business Office at 520-621-6342 or e-mail the graduate coordinator.


Before the committee can consider your application, we must have copies of each yearly marksheet beginning the first year after your Secondary School Certificate to present study. For graduate admission, we must have proof of a M.A., M.Sc., Bachelor of Engineering, or Bachelor of Technology awarded in at least the Upper Secondary Class. Your yearly marksheets and supporting certificates must be certified by an appropriate official of the issuing institution to substantiate having passed all examinations leading to a degree.

Copies of all diplomas or degrees awarded are also required and must be certified by the issuing institution. Credentials certified by anyone other than a university official will not be acceptable, nor will photocopies without the original seals and signatures. Upon receipt of the requested information and completion of the remaining requirements for admission consideration, we shall be able to further review your application. We note that not all universities compute overall weighted average and rank in class.


Your personal and educational records are not accessible for release to anyone else without your written consent unless authorized by law. If you wish to have a third party represent you during the admission process, please name that person in a letter accompanying your application package.


If you need to contact us regarding your application, you may reach the Graduate Coordinator at:
Phone: 1-800-545-5814 (toll-free U.S. and Canada only)
or 1-520-621-4348
Fax: 1-520-621-8407
E-mail: lboyd@email.arizona.edu

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The application for PhD programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry is available online. To apply for MA and MS programs in Chemistry, contact the Graduate Coordinator for additional instructions.