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Careers in Chemical Sciences Program

In addition to advancing cutting-edge research and fostering an innovative learning environment, CBC@UA is committed to preparing students for successful careers as professional scientists. In partnership with industry representatives from the CBC Advisory Board, the Careers in Chemical Sciences (CiCS) Program for CBC graduate students and postdoctoral fellows was launched in April 2016. The CiCS Program advances efforts to:

  • expand awareness of opportunities in non-academic roles -- industries and organizations who hire PhD-level scientists with concentrations in Chemistry and Biochemistry;
  • prepare students and postdocs for successful interactions with potential employers; and
  • expand awareness of potential employers regarding the strength of CBC@UA and the readiness of our students for non-academic careers.

The CiCS Program offers two events each year: 1) a Fall career workshop event, and 2) a Spring employer networking event. In addition to these two events, the CiCS Mentoring Program matches experienced mentors from non-academic professions (private industry, government, business, law, etc.) with graduate student and postdoc mentees in a one-on-one setting for guidance and advice to help navigate career transitions.

Annual Career Workshop
Sat., November 10, 2018
8:30 am to 3:00 pm
Biological Sciences West Rm 301
University of Arizona Main Campus


CiCS Program Mentors:

UA Ph.D. in Biochemistry, 1987
Sr. VP Global Manufacturing
Bristol-Myers Squibb (retired)

Principal Partner
Nguyen & Tarbet Law

UA Ph.D. in Chemistry, 1981
Distinguished Scientist
Merck Research Laboratories
Patricia Weber
UA Ph.D. in Chemistry, 1979
Founding Partner
Imiplex, LLC

UA Ph.D. in Chemistry, 1983
Executive Director Research, & Molecular Structure
AMGEN (retired)

UA Ph.D. in Chemistry, 1975
CEO at DAU & Associates LLC
Consultant and Entrepreneur