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Ciara Eades in Costa Rica

I studied abroad in Costa Rica to complete my Spanish minor this past summer. I spent close to 2 months there, and was able to see and learn a ton about Latin American culture. Lots of time was spent with Costa Rican locals and I was able to extensively develop my spanish. I learned how to make bread, cheese, coffee, tortillas, and chocolate from scratch. I got to eat a variety of delicious local foods, my favorites were the plátanos and a traditional rice and bean dish called gallo pinto! Additionally, I got to experience the diverse dense environment. I got to zipline through the rainforest, see tons of wild animals such as sloths, iguanas, monkeys, etc., climb through insane waterfall caves, and even do bioluminescent kayaking! The experience was all I could imagine and more, I think everyone should spend a summer in Costa Rica.