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Chemistry Major Kaitlyn Susa Selected as a 2018-19 Legacy Scholar

The UA Alumni Association (UAAA) is made up of graduates who are proud of their alma mater and want to maintain a life-long relationship with the UA. One of the UAAA’s goals is to raise scholarship funds for incoming UA students. This year, in partnership with the UA Office of Admissions, the UAAA awarded 10 renewable merit-based Legacy Scholarships each valued at $1,000 to entering freshmen for the 2018-19 school year based on academic excellence, leadership and service. For this scholarship, a legacy is defined as a student whose parent or legal guardian attended and graduated from the University of Arizona. Chemistry major Kaitlyn Susa has been selected as a 2018-2019 Legacy Scholar.

Kaitlyn chose to be a chemistry major due to her extreme academic success at her high school, specifically in Chemistry. She felt as though Chemistry called to her time and time again, since it has always been an interest of hers. Kaitlyn says that making that interest into a career as a pharmacist is an amazing opportunity for her. The scholarship will help relieve a financial burden, leaving her more time to study and learn necessary content for her courses. She also believes the scholarship helps differentiate her from her siblings, since she's part of the inaugural class. The Legacy Scholarship will aid Kaitlyn in meeting new people and connecting to alumni through the SAA membership included as part of the Legacy Scholarship. She feels as though her passion is being supported by the Alumni Association, who want her to succeed and become the most successful Wildcat she can be.


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