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CBC Welcomes Dr. Nam Lee

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Nam Lee to the UA as a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology with a split appointment in CBC. Lee is relocating his lab from the College of Pharmacy at Ohio State University in Columbus to the UA in September. His lab will be located in the Life Sciences North building on the UAHS campus, and he will be teaching in the medical school curriculum.

Lee’s research interests are in TGF-beta signaling, which is essential during development and implicated in a wide spectrum of pathophysiologic states. One of the major long-term goals is to gain fundamental understanding of how TGF-beta-related pathways control vascular functions during development and tumor-associated angiogenesis. His laboratory investigates the crucial mechanisms underlying intrinsic and acquired resistance to existing VEGF and TGF-beta targeted therapies. Another area of study involves mass spectrometry and proteomics-based approach to identify new binding partners and molecular functions for the canonical TGF-beta effectors. The lab has discovered novel cellular roles for these proteins in mitochondrial and microtubule dynamics. Ongoing research includes defining how aberrant TGF-beta signaling contributes to mitochondrial and microtubule dysfunction to give rise to cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

Thursday, July 27, 2017