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Cady FlohrschutzMy name is Cadence Flohrschutz and I am a Biochemistry and MCB major graduating in May 2020. During my years at the University of Arizona, I have been a general member and Vice President of Chemistry Club, a Chem-Cat co-lead, a CBC ambassador, and a peer mentor through the CBC department. I love volunteering through these programs because it allows me to share my passion for science to the local community and upcoming UofA students. My passion for science stems from my high school chemistry teacher, Mrs Blakney. She always kept class interesting and engaging (from burning metal and observing the colored flames to running a current through a pickle until it glows). She was an amazingly talented teacher, who had a Masters in both Chemistry and Physics, but could still effectively breakdown information to a room of fourteen year olds. Her excitement was contagious and inspired me to continue my education in science. I am reminded of her through the CBC department, who has the same wacky love of science.

When Im not setting things on fire (for science), I contribute my time to the SCA--a historical education nonprofit. I am the president of the UofA chapter which also allows me to teach an entirely different set of knowledge to college students and the local community; including martial arts, metal/ leather working, and historical art techniques.