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Breanna Gushiken - Gallagher Theater

Before I began to work for the Games Room and the Gallagher Theater, I had been an avid billiards player. I played quite frequently in the Games Room during my freshman year, and I competed briefly in the ACUI Collegiate 9-Ball Championships. With second place in the women’s division, I advanced on from the regional qualifiers representing the University of Arizona. However, I ended up dropping out shortly before nationals began. Up until that point, billiards had really become a priority for me and my stress levels had reached an all-time high. I had decided it was in my best interest to take a break off from school. For the year that I was gone, my interest in billiards never changed.  So naturally, when I first walked back into the Games Room after a year of hiatus, I found the atmosphere just as intoxicating as it had always been; the dim lighting, the lively customers, and of course the billiards tables worked in tandem to draw me in again. I decided to apply for the open position that was available, and I did not regret it for even a moment after getting hired. Because I already enjoyed billiards, the environment had suddenly become even more inviting in the sense that I could now welcome others into a space that offered all the things that I loved. I became very active in my Games Room position, and very early on I began to help incorporate new programming ideas for the space. A few months in, I also started participating in a student engagement council that worked actively to promote large, late night events on campus for the student populous. My contributions in both areas allowed me to gain recognition with my co-workers and supervisor, and it was recommended I take a leadership course that would aid me in becoming a student lead in my workplace. I became a student lead for the engagement spaces located in the Student Union Memorial Center: the Games Room and the Gallagher Theater.

As a student lead for engagement spaces, I perform many tasks relating to providing programming for students that venture to both spaces. I have helped revise tournaments that the Games Room hosts, researched potential prospects, performed outreach to vendors, and aided in the implementation of new events for both spaces. Additionally, I oversee and support other student staff in the spaces. I assist the other student leads and the supervisor in scheduling, coordinating meetings, and generating reports and procedures for the staff to use. Although I am heavily involved with my work, my future goals still consist of pursuing a career in Chemistry. However, I have picked up a business minor in hopes of exercising the management skills I have acquired as a student lead in a lab setting. I believe it would be highly rewarding to be able to use my favorite subject while also engaging the interests of others.