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Bennett Van Camp

Bennett Van CampBennett Van Camp is a senior honors undergraduate student from Chandler, Arizona.  He is a Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) and Biochemistry double major and is interested in attending graduate school to obtain a PhD and eventually enter academia.  He is currently working in Dr. Lisa Nagy's lab and is working on using Gateway cloning and p-element transposition to analyze the spatiotemporal expression of several segmentation genes driven by different predicted transcription factor binding clusters to discover novel regulators of the Tribolium segmentation clock.  Additionally, he is also working in Dr. George Sutphin's lab studying the effects of the kynurenine pathway on aging in C. elegans.  Outside of the lab, Bennett is involved with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC), MCB Student Ambassadors, MCB Journal Club, and the MCB Club.  In his free time, Bennett enjoys playing board games and cooking new foods.