Physical Chemistry

You have reached a set of web pages which we refer to as a "Dynamic Textbook" of Physical Chemistry. We call it this because, unlike a printed textbook, the material on these pages can be revised, updated, corrected, or otherwise changed almost instantaneously.

Our coverage of the material for the one-year undergraduate course in Physical Chemistry is not complete right now, but we are adding to it as time goes by. At this time the following material is available:

Topics in Chemical Thermodynamics,

An introduction to Kinetic Molecular Theory,

Topics in Chemical Kinetics, and

An introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics.

The first three topics above are from the first sementer of the year course. Statistical thermodynamics is covered in the second semester.

Topics which I usually include in the year course, which are not yet represented here, are: an introduction to quantum mechanics, spectroscopy, and an elementary introduction to group theory.

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