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University of Arizona
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The University of Arizona
Department of Astronomy
Department of Chemistry
Steward Observatory
933 North Cherry Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0065
(520) 621-6525/626-5256 (lab)


 B.S., Rice University, Houston, Texas 1978 Summa cum laude (Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Physics)

 Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley 1984 (Physical Chemistry) Advisor: Richard J. Saykally


 Interstellar chemistry, mm/sub-mm high resolution laboratory molecular spectroscopy, mm/sub-mm observations of interstellar molecules, mm-wave devices for astronomical and laboratory applications, laboratory production of transient molecules

University of Massachusetts, Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory, Amherst, MA:
Postdoc Research Associate 1984-1988

Arizona State University, Department of Chemistry, Tempe, AZ:
Assistant Professor 12/88-4/93
Associate Professor 4/93-12/96

University of Arizona, Department of Astronomy, Department of Chemistry, and Steward Observatory, Tucson, AZ:
Associate Professor 1/97-8/99
Professor 8/99-present
Project Scientist, Sub-Millimeter Telescope 1/00-present
Director, Kitt Peak 12 m Radio Telescope 8/00-present
Director, Arizona Radio Observatory (SMT and KP12 m) 7/02-present



Phi Beta Kappa

Phi Lambda Upsilon Chemistry Honor Society

Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society

Sigma XI

American Astronomical Society

American Chemical Society

International Astronomical Union

American Physical Society


National   Academies Space Studies Board:  Committee on the Origin and Evolution of Life in the Universe (COEL) 2000- 2004

National Academies Board on Physics & Astronomy:  Committee on Radio Frequencies (CORF)  2004- 2010

Co-Organizer, Special Session, “Highlights in Laboratory Astrophysics,” 206th American Astronomical Society Meeting  2005

Co-Organizer, NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop  2006

International Advisory Committee, The Ohio State University International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy  2005 - present

Laboratory Astrophysics Working Group, AAS  2009 - present

Editorial Board, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy  2009 - 2011        

IAU Working Group on Abundances in Red Giants  2009 - present

Member, International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Team:  “Methane Balance –Formation and Destruction Processes on Planets and their Satellites”   2010- present

Member, Event Horizon Telescope Team  2011- present

Scientific Organizing Committee, Bringing Black Holes into Focus: The Event Horizon Telescope   2012


Rice University:
Brown Engineering Award 1974-1976
Daniel Ripley Scholar 1975-1976
National Merit Scholar 1975-1978
Robert A. Welch Foundation Undergraduate Scholar for Summer Research 1976, 1977
James A. and Alice Graham Baker Honor Scholar 1976-1977
James A. and Alice Graham Baker Distinguished Scholar 1977-1978
Z. W. Salzburg Memorial Award in Chemistry 1978

Max-Planck-Institute für Radioastronomie:
D.A.A.D. (German Academic Exchange Service) Fellow 1978-1979

University of California, Berkeley:
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow 1981-1984
Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellow 1984

Arizona State University:
National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Award 1990-1992
American Astronomical Society Annie J. Cannon Special Commendation Honor 1992
National Science Foundation Presidential Faculty Fellow Award 1992-1995
Department of Chemistry Award for Distinction in Undergraduate Teaching 1993
National Science Foundation Visiting Professorship for Women (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona) 1994-1996

University of Arizona:
Morino Lecturer, University of Tokyo 1999
National Science Foundation Creativity Award 2001

Chair, International Advisory Committee, Ohio State University International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy  2008-2011                        \

Fellow of the American Physical Society   elected 2008                        

Outstanding Faculty Member:   University of Arizona Graduate & Professional Student Council   2009                       

Elizabeth and Keith Hege Galileo Circle Fellow  2011



Astronomy & Astrophysics

Astrophysical Journal

Astrophysical Journal (Letters)

Australian Journal of Chemistry


Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Chemical Physics Letters

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Inorganic Chemistry

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Journal of Physical Chemistry

Journal of Chemical Physics

Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy

Journal of Vacuum Technology

Molecular Physics


New Astronomy

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP)


Journal of Alloys and Compounds



1. Jessica Edwards: B.S. in Physics and Astronomy 2006 Florida Institute of Technology.
2.  Gilles Adande: B.S. in Physics 2006 University of Paris, France.

3. Jie Min: B.S., M.S. in Chemistry 2007 University of Wuhan, Wuhan, China.
4. Matthew Bucchino: B. S. in Chemistry 2007 Frostberg State College, Maryland.
5.  Julia Anderson:  B.S. in Physics 2010 Temple University, Pennsylvania.

6.  Deborah Schmidt:  B.S. in Physics 2012 Franklin and Marshall College, Pennsylvania.


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(joint mentorship with Professor S. Wyckoff, Department of Physics and Astronomy).

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of Arizona, May 2006.

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