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Former Members of the Ziurys Group

Michael D. Allen
Ph.D. in Chemistry 1997
Post-doctoral position: NIST at Boulder, CO with the late Ken Evenson
Current Position: Manager of Computer Infrastructure at Xilinix, Longmont, CO

Mark A. Anderson
Ph.D. in Chemistry 1994
Current Position: Head of Pacific Rim Division of Dynea Corp., Singapore

Aldo J. Apponi
Ph.D. in Chemistry 1997
Post-doctoral position: Harvard University with P. Thaddeus
Current position: GEOST, Tucson, AZ

William L. Barclay, Jr.
M.S. in Chemistry 1992
Current Position: Southwest Research Institute

Matthew A. Brewster
M. S. in Physics 2001
Current Position: Consultant, Sfyri, Inc., Seattle, WA

Michael A. Flory
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2007
Current Position: Consultant, Center for Naval Analysis, Alexandria, VA

DeWayne T. Halfen
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2006
Post-doctoral position: NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Arizona
Current position: Assistant Astronomer at the University of Arizona
Contact: halfendt at

Jaime L. Highberger
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2003

Alexandra Janczyk
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2005

Baozhong Li
Ph.D. in Chemistry 1997
Current Position: IBM

Shawn K. McLammarah
B.S. in Physics 2006
Current Position: Infrared Labs, Tucson, AZ

Stefanie N. Milam
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2007
Post-doctoral position: NASA Ames Research Center and SETI Institute with Scott Sanford
Current position: Research Physical Scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Contact: Stefanie.N.Milam at

Benjamin P. Nuccio
M.S. in Chemistry 1996
Current Position: Teacher

Robin L. Pulliam
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2009
ALMA Post-doctoral Fellow: National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Charlettesville, Virginia

Chandra S. Savage
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2004
Post-doctoral position: NRC Fellowship with NIST/JILA at Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
Current Position: Applied Electromagnetics (IAT-2) at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Phillip M. Sheridan
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2003
Post-doctoral position: University of Waterloo with P. Bernath
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Canisius College, Buffalo, NY
Contact: phillip.sheridan at

Ming Sun
Ph.D. in Chemistry
Post-docotral Fellow; Van Wijngaarden Group
University of Manitoba

Emily D. Tenenbaum
Ph.D. in Chemistry 2009
Voltea Post-doctoral Fellow: University of Leiden, The Netherlands
Current Position: New Applications Project Manager

Jeffrey M. Thompsen
M. S. in Chemistry 2001
Current Position: Scientist for Cardinal Health biopharmacutical division

Karen Thompson
B.S. in Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy 2005
Former Position: Telescope Operator, Arizona Radio Observatory

Shannon K. Walker
M. S. in Chemistry 2004

Maria P. Womack
Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy 1994
Post-doctoral position: Pennsylvania State University
Current Position: Professor of Physics at St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN
Contact: mwomack at