Undergraduate Studies in Chemistry and Biochemistry at The University of Arizona

Chemistry is the study of the properties and reactions of the natural and synthetic substances that constitute the world around us. The discipline of Biochemistry uses chemistry as a tool to examine and explore the processes of life. Biochemical and chemical knowledge provides an underpinning for many disciplines including medicine, agriculture, and engineering. The questions that biochemists and chemists address encompass many critical challenges that humans face today.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers five undergraduate programs and strives to give students a strong theoretical background and the ability to apply what they know to a wide range of biological and physical systems. An “experiential” component to each program allows students to get more intimately involved with science through research or practice, and to develop a greater sense of identity as a chemist or biochemist. Students are prepared upon graduation to work as chemists and biochemists in academic, industrial and governmental settings. In addition, these programs of study provide an excellent foundation for advanced studies in biochemistry, chemistry and related graduate programs as well as professional schools in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and osteopathy.

  • The Bachelor of Science degree programs with majors in Chemistry or Biochemistry provide rigorous education for those interested in pursuing scientific careers or graduate studies in science. The BS in Chemistry is certified by the American Chemical Society.
  • Students following the Bachelor of Science program in Biochemistry may apply to the Graduate College in their third year for an accelerated Master of Science degree along with the BS degree (BS/MS program).
  • The Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Biochemistry or Chemistry provide strong science foundations for those interested in pursuing non-laboratory careers or health-related professions.
  • The Department also offers a Bachelor of Science in Science Education with a Chemistry option, which prepares students for careers in secondary school science education. Students completing the program meet the requirements for secondary science certification by the Arizona Department of Education.

Regardless of which major or program is pursued, all students will enjoy a high level of Departmental support.