2016 CBC Catalyst Award Winners Announced

Winners of the 2016 Catalyst Awards for Outstanding Entrepreneurial Activities in the Chemical Sciences, which was sponsored this year by Nguyen & Tarbet Patent Law and Tech Launch Arizona, are as follows:

  • First Place ($4,000) - Victor Hruby
  • Second Place ($2,500) - Michael Heien
  • Third Place ($2,000) - Jeff Pyun
  • Fourth Place ($1,000) - John Jewett
  • Fifth Place ($500) - Doug Loy

Congratulations to all the winners!

The CBC Catalyst Awards honor faculty for outstanding achievements in Applied Chemical Science during the previous calendar year based on metrics developed by Tech Launch Arizona, the technology transfer and commercialization division of The University of Arizona. The weighted metrics take into account the number of 1) provisional patents, 2) full patent applications filed, 3) issued patents, 4) option agreements, 5) license agreements, 6) launched start-up companies in that year, and 7) contributions to existing companies.

Feature Photo: Victor Hruby