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Center for Gas-Phase Spectroscopy

The Center for Gas-Phase Electron Spectroscopy is a multi-user, shared instrumentation facility within the Chemistry Department at The University of Arizona. The focus of research in the Center is the investigation of the electronic structure of large, neutral molecules by gas-phase photoelectron spectroscopy.

  •   Most recent publications: 

    Block, E.; Glass, R. S.; Dikarev, E. V.; Gruhn, N. E.; Jin, J.; Li, B.; Lorance, E.; Zakai, U. I.; Zhang, S. Z. "Heteroatoms Galore. 1. Synthesis, Structure, and Photoelectron Spectroscopic Characterization of New, Mixed Sulfur-, Selenium- or Tellurium and Silicon- or Tin-containing Mesocycles", Heteroatom. Chem., 2007, 18, 509-515. (Article)

    da Silva Filho, D. A.; Coropceanu, V.; Gruhn, N. E.; Fichou, D.; Bill, T. G.; Gierschner, J.; Cornil, J.; Brédas, J.-L. “Hole-Vibronic Coupling in Oligothiophenes: Impact of Backbone Torsional Flexibility on Relaxation Energies”, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A, 2007, 365, 1435-1452. (Article)