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Laboratory for Electron Spectroscopy and Surface Analysis LESSA

The Laboratory for Electron Spectroscopy and Surface Analysis (LESSA) is a part (along with the Clean Room and the Keck nano-imaging center) of the Chemistry Department’s facility cluster for surface science, thin films studies, and nano-scale characterization. Our mission is to provide analytical and educational services to the department and university on the preparation, modification, and study of solid surfaces. A diverse array of commercial and custom capabilities are employed for film growth and analysis are performed on a Kratos 165 Ultra Photoelectron Spectrometer.

The Ultra has capabilites for Mg and Zr x-ray excitation and has a high sensitivity Al monochromatic source. There is also an Omicron high-intensity UV sourve (HeI and HeII) for low energy valence band studies of solids. The spectrometer uses an array of eight channeltrons as a detector for increased count rate during regular scans for x-ray source powers up to 300 watts. The Ultra also uses a unique magnetic and electrostatic lens combination in conjunction with a separate mirror analyzer to effect real time chemical state imaging. Spatial resolutions as low as 10 microns can be attained. The system also has capabilities for sputter depth profiling, sample heating and cooling, and fast introduction into the ultra high vacuum environment. The system is interfaced to /and controlled by a unix based Sun workstation and with full data analysis and display capabilities.

Contact Information:

Dr. Ken Nebesny
Staff Scientist

Mr. Paul Lee
Associate Staff Scientist