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CBC Annual Poster Fair (April 2016): Sounds from annual celebration of student success and scientfic exchange
Research Panel Discussion: Advice for finding and getting in a research lab
Graduate Panel Discussion: Advice for getting in to graduate school
Jean-Laurent Blanche (CHEM, 2016): My research 
Kathia Antillon (Chemistry & Spanish, 2019): Reflecting on how she became a Wildcat and her exciting research interests
Ali Icenogle (BIOC, 2016): Why I chose biochemistry
John Heydorn (CHEM, 2017): Discussing his Pharmacy career

CBC Annual Poster Fair: event held 4/18/16. Undergraduate CBC undergraduate students presenting their results from undergraduate research projects.


Research Panel  Discussion: event held 3/30/16. Undergraduates asking for advice and tips for getting into a research lab. Invitees included students already in labs. 


Full audio of the workshop can be found HERE.


Graduate Panel Discussion: 
event held 2/24/16. Undergraduates asking graduate students and advisors about graduate school. 

Full audio of the workshop can be found HERE.


Jean-Laurent Blanche (CHEM, 2016) discusses his research experience at UA. Jean believes his choice in major is due to curiosity and extraordinary teachers. 

Kathia Antillon (Chemistry and Spanish, 2019) reflects on how she became a Wildcat and her exciting research interests!


Ali Icenogle (BIOC, 2016) is pursuing minors in Spanish and Gender and Women's Studies. Ali's goals include developing more scholarships and programs for women of color in the sciences. Ali thinks everyone should be well rounded, especially in healthcare.

Ali's motivational quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Explore, and explore. Be neither chided nor flattered out of your position of perpetual inquiry. Neither dogmatize or accept another's dogmatism."

John Heydorn (CHEM, 2017) discusses his Pharmacy career and why being a Wildcat is such a great decision!